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Who am I?

Just a regular guy, living a happy life with his family!
See below some of the important areas of my life:

I was born in Curitiba, Brazil in 1971. Beeing the oldest of three siblings, we had a pretty normal life, with school, church and friends. As a family we had great time, and every night we did something together. Sometimes we just played, other times we sang, or we listen to stories. Other then the normal school stuff, I had my first recorder lesson at the age of 5. Later, when I was 11 years old I started taking violin lessons. Those were hard times with a lot of practice involved, but I'm really glad that my parents supported me. They always said: "You can do it!", even when I was frustraded half of the time.
Later I learned the guitar and drumset by myself. I was always active in our local church as a musician, or as a teacher (Sundayschool, teenies, youth) then I visited the bibleschool, to prepare myself theologically and to serve God wherever he would send me. I lived in Curitba until 2001, when in March, I moved to Paraguay. And that is my new home until now.
I got married here and we have 3 wounderfull children. And I do all the stuff you can read more about below:

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I teach for a living. It is the main income in our home. Musical instruments and basic computer knowledge are the topics. Keep reading for more info.

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Piano tuner

As a side job, I'm a piano tuner, I studied online at Escuela Pianistica de Buenos Aires back in 2011. See more information below.

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In the free time I have, I like to work in the farm with my dad in law. Currently twice a week we get to enjoy this moments with nature and animals.

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Social Network

I do not have Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram or any other account; because of Android and Google services I do have Google+ and a Linkedin one.

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Photo Gallery

I have a backup of my photos online, and some of them are publicly available. If you are interested, just click the button below.

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I'm a lover of the game. Every weekend I play a round or two with my friends. If you would like to join me sometime, just let me know, and we can arrange it.

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Conservatorio de Música AMATI

The most needed and the hardest is essential in music: TIMING
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart -- (1756-1791) Composer

I started my teaching career in 2001, with violin, drumset and guitar lessons. Back then it was not a recognized music school like it is today; it was mainly a personal effort from a group of motivaded people who wanted to give children a chance to study music. Since then I had arround 25 studens a week every year. Now I give lessons in the whole string family, drumset and cajón, all range of guitars and some more. I plan in giving some classes for using Musescore for music teachers, students an composers. Stay tuned.

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Colegio Filadelfia

Teaching the students to catch fish ist better then give it to them.
I teach my students to use the computer for life and future jobs.

I started teaching computer software in 2015. The school was looking for a teacher with knowledge in a variety of software and they came to me. I teach Microsoft Word so the students can use it to present their assignments to meet the schools formats. I teach Excel so they can use it in real life situations. I teach Powerpoint, so students can make beautiful and effective presentations. The idea ist to mover over to free alternatives, because the licenses are expensive.
In the second year my students learn graphic design and I use Open Source software for this purpose. I teach how to use GIMP for Photo manipulation, and Inkscape for vector drawings.

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Piano Tuning

In my spare time, I'm a piano tuner

I learned the technique in 2011, online at the Escuela Pianistica de Buenos Aires, in Argentina, with Prof. Hugo Landolfi. With his material and accompainment trough chat, skype and emails, we were able to solve any questions I had. I thank him for my success today. Click the picture to the right, to get more information about my services. (It is in German only for now)
Here is a brief summary in English:

  • It is very important to have a tuned piano (for stability and hearing)
  • In ideal conditions, it should be done at leats twice a year.
  • My basic price starts at Gs. 350.000, with special packages available.
  • You can your piano some love, to protect your investment.
  • Contact me today and ask for an appointment.


One of my hobbies ist using the computer

I use the computer in several areas. First of all, after many years using Windows, I swicht to Linux and never looked back. It is the main OS for me in so many levels. Having said that, I prefer Open Source Software as opposed do proprietary. And here goes a list of uses and the software that goes along with it:

  •     Surf the web for interesting stuff. (Firefox and Chrome)
  •     Watch videos on Youtube, Netflix. or local files (VLC)
  •     Write documents, spreadsheets, and other files (Libreoffice, WPS Office)
  •     Compose and write music, make playbacks (Musescore, Band-in-a-Box).
  •     Make presentations (Inkscape+Sozi, Libreoffice, etc)
  •     Make beautiful Graphics (Inkscape and Gimp)
  •     Programm Websites and Applications (Brackets, Python)
  •     Sometimes I even play games (Steam)

Iglesia Nueva Alianza

We are serving God at this church since 2001

See our Motto

Our church doesn't really have a website. There is a Facebook Page, where you can find some information an loo at some photos, but it is not updated very often.

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If you need to ask something specific.

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PJ - Piano Tuning
Filadelfia, PY
Phone: +595 981 112189